My Little Magic Room.

How "The Little Magic Room". Came about.

Well like it says I'm very lucky to have my own little magic room. It came about as my partner was moving his office into our 2nd biggest bedroom, he had been in the smallest room, but as 'important" and "nessesary" kept coming he was rapidly outgrowing the small space. So i was eager to claim his old office as mine. 

He was wonderful and redecorated it for me in my chosen colours and made it as pretty as ever. Its walls are violet with a small amount of glitter added and white ceiling and paint work ,its my calm room and my retreat from daily life.

I have also started my own spiritual journey, i have tried many times before but something always got in the way, but now i feel everthing is right . So i started getting into Wicca, Mother Earth, Loving nature and Crystals. So during this Lock down for Covid-19 I decided to explore even more, with lots of reading and taking home study courses and I found a wonderful like minded person to help me start this journey and be my mentor.

So my room has shelves of crystals, books and candles. I have discovered Alters, Meditation and Angels. This really is my own world in my room, i'm very greatful I have a man who is willing to let me grow and support me.

It was during one of my moments I had this great idea to make Organic bathsalts, and perhaps other things later on. And i love it, just me in my room hand making individual pots of bath salts its very relaxing, as i'm sat there i fill every thing with love and good intensions in front of my alter. My Me Time.

I have always been creative and crafty but now I really enjoy it and to know i'm passing the Love onto someone else really makes me happy. As much as possible i use the herbs out of my own garden, otherwise I source good Organic products.

Hopefully you to will find my products magical.


All Bath products come in Glass Jars as i'm sure you can reuse them. They are two size options available, standard 200ml. Or a larger jar that holds half a litre. Choose a size and then which bath salts you require out of the following...

"Serenity" A blend of Rose, Lavender and Jasmine. Comes complete with a small crystal to add more strength, it has been blessed and given positive intentions. The oil and herbs in this mix are great for overworked mind and body.

"Romantic Rose". This gives off the aroma of Roses which will relax your mind and raise your senses. Great for the ultimate self loving " Me Time." Just add candles and a glass of wine.

"Relaxing Lavender, Rose and Rosemary." The sweet floral aroma is known lower the heart rate and blood pressure significantly, while inducing a relaxed mood. Mixed with healing salts to soothe body aches.

"Eucalyptus, Lavender and Lemon Balm". Great for clearing congestion and aids in muscle and joint pain, ideal for those suffering with Arthritis .Good for dry skin, wounds and burns. And has a calming action ready for a good nights sleep.

"Milk, Lavender and Mint". These products all promote restful sleep as well as the milk being fantastic for the skin especially Eczema, Psoriasis and sunburn.

"Milk, Honey and Rose". For all you Cleopatras out there. Great properties in here for your skin, resulting in it becoming radient and glowing. With the aroma of Rose lifting the spirits and adding a bit of romance.
Mini jars shown, ideal for Wedding Favours, Hen Parties or Christmas stockings.

Natural Fragrances & Organic Products

All my products are made from natural sources, I think it’s important to create sustainable products that give you all nature has to offer in your time of relaxation. From lavender to Mint, and Milk to Honey, my products will leave you smelling fragrant and your skin will feel all the benifits.

Due to the nature of all these products being made in My Little Magic Room they are all blessed and filled with loads of positive intentions so can also be used on Altars and for Magic work.

Please feel free to message me should you require a larger order and if you have any questions. The prices show the pot size , and can be filled with the bath salt of your choice please just message me and let me know. Payments can be made via Paypal.


" Hi, The Salts are really wonderful".


" They were Lovely".


Super fast delivery, well wrapped up lovely tissuepaper and bubble wrap, could smell the scented bath salts as soon as I opened the box, also recieved a lovely welcoming sample that i shall indeed …


Latest Prices.

6 x Mini glass jars. (as per photo)


10 x Lavender Bags


"Relaxing Lavender<Rose and Rosemary"


"Eucalyptus, Lavender + Lemon Balm"


"Romantic Rose"




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